We train emerging leaders and your teams a new way of communicating.

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You are the change-maker, the visionary who’s mission it is to bring value, equanimity, innovation, and creative solutions to the world. Your team fully embodies your mission and effortlessly communicates your brand with authenticity & profound impact.


Whole self systems is a socially & culturally-driven training company designed to empower emerging ethical leaders to show up fully for yourselves, your teams and the world. We want to create a better future by activating equanimity, diversity, and compassion in the workplace, and we believe that it all starts with a new way of communicating. We are women in support of elevating other women.

How it works

We combine the principles of mindfulness and empathetic storytelling technique © to level-up your communication skills. Our experiential learning programs are designed to help you quickly understand your effectiveness in communicating, the obstacles that keep you from connecting with others, and how to use practical tools to ensure your story reaches your desired audience. With continual practice of our technique you will not only become a masterful communicator, but will find more joy, calm, & connection in your everyday interactions.

Our service starts with you. Whether you need to pitch, deliver a keynote, inspire your team, or cultivate a healthy workplace culture, we will assess your individual needs and customize a program that will help you overcome your unique obstacles & achieve measurable goals.