Whole Self Systems™ is an innovative approach to conscious communications. Through our groundbreaking process of Empathetic Storytelling Technique™ & the deep wisdom of Mindful Practices, we train changemakers and purpose-driven teams how to maximize their human capital.

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You are the change-maker, the visionary who’s mission it is to bring value, equanimity, & innovation to the world. Your team fully embodies your mission, effortlessly communicates your brand, and thrives in a creative, inclusive environment.


The Mission

By activating joy & increasing empathy, we put the art back in communications.

We believe everyone deserves to be seen & heard. We believe everyone deserves to stand wholly in their authentic selves. We believe stories have the power to change lives. Join us if you seek to elevate women & diverse voices.

How it works

We intersect the ancient wisdom of mindfulness with the craft of storytelling to ensure that every single person is seen, heard, and has the tools to produce creative & financial value. Our experiential learning programs are designed to help you quickly address your effectiveness in communicating, and the obstacles that keep you from authentically connecting with others.

Our service starts with you. Do you get anxious speaking in front of people or asking for what you need? Is your brand not connecting with your market? Is interpersonal conflict getting in the way of a productive work environment? Whether the breakdown is in your pitching process, public speaking impact, sales results, or diversity & inclusion initiatives, we will assess your individual needs and customize a program that will help you overcome your unique obstacles & achieve measurable goals.