Our Story


In direct response to the threat to women’s rights immediately following the 2016 election, actress & filmmaker Melissa Center wrote, co-directed, produced & starred in award-winning short film, R.V. She was invited to screen R.V at the National Women’s Political Caucus in LA where she happened to meet scholar Tanny Jiraprapasuke.

Not only did the power of storytelling unite Melissa & Tanny, but also did their shared experiences working in dysfunctional professional environments and/or navigating harmful interpersonal relationships.

What both Melissa & Tanny had experienced on a personal level and observed professionally was the result of a profound imbalance in values: Manipulation, greed, fear, division, & deceit was prevailing over trust, consciousness, generosity, service & empathy.

With their shared passion for storytelling, commitment to empowering marginalized voices, & desire to create a vehicle for profound impact, Whole Self Systems was born.