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Our Most Popular Training


Executive & Personal Development:

The Personal Journey Program

Owning a room or the stage requires true confidence and a great story. In today’s changing landscape, people value authentic “imperfections” over false “perfection.” Leaders create more impact when their audience feels a sense of personal connection to them.

Our Personal Journey Program is one-on-one training and coaching designed to transform you into a MASTERFUL COMMUNICATOR who is confident in front of any audience and the camera.

The program is divided into twelve sessions, taken over a twelve week period—the amount of time required to process, embody & master new skills. Each week will begin with an introduction to new concepts in addressing internal obstacles, emotional management, and effective storytelling. Through a detailed step-by-step process, you will receive hands-on guidance on mindful meditation and mindful practices as well as a firm foundation on how to construct & deliver your brand story. You will also receive coaching on how to speak on-camera with ease. The goal is to bring your authentic self to the forefront of your organization and to make storytelling second nature. Once completed, you will have the tools to be the kind of leader you know yourself to be.


Public Speaking, Pitching, & Impacting:

The Core Workshop

Most people avoid speaking in front of people - whether to a small room full of investors or an auditorium of consumers, and those who are brave enough often can’t captivate their audience. It is true, people have low attention spans, and unless you are speaking from a place of authenticity and empathy, no one cares. Public speaking is more than just sharing ideas; it is about connecting people to your ideas by saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

Our Core Workshop introduces participants to our five steps of empathetic storytelling technique© and three pillars of mindfulness. Participants will receive scientific and philosophical knowledge of the importance of both mindfulness and storytelling, and learn practical tools to apply directly to their experience with public speaking.

Exercises are designed to help participants learn and process their own emotional and physical tendencies before, during, & after their public speaking engagements. Group guided meditations are designed to address fear, anxiety, and negative thoughts. Each participant will learn how to engage fully with their audience by practicing several performance methods commonly used by professional working actors. The goal is for you to bring your AUTHENTIC SELF and your engaging story to the audience; inspiring your audience into taking action.


Addressing Diversity & Inclusion:

The Intensive Workshop

It is no surprise that companies Worldwide are facing major challenges due to their outdated approaches to diversity & inclusion in the workplace. These systemic problems affect not only the internal health of your company, but ultimately, the bottom line.

It is not enough to check off boxes by adding “diverse” hires to your team. You must establish a culture where EVERYONE feels seen, heard, and valued. You must understand how to listen and communicate with EMPATHY, and this begins with MINDFULNESS and the shared experience of STORY.

Our Intensive Workshop sets the standard for inclusion by training each participant on Conscious Communication through the intersection of Mindfulness & Storytelling Craft: Empathetic Storytelling Technique©.

This process is designed to break through implicit bias, establish a safe space for creativity, cultivate teamwork, and provide tools so that each individual feels fully empowered to contribute to your organization’s success regardless of their race, gender, sexual preference or religious practices.

Every voice matters. We can create a better way.


Setting the Standards for a Successful Set:

The Specialty Workshop

As creative beings who work in the entertainment industry, we have the power to change the narrative. #MeToo is not a new story. Our job as leaders in Hollywood is to set an example for the world to follow. Here is our opportunity:

Each and every production is a living, breathing organism comprised of a cross-section of personalities, all unified by STORY. Due to the chaotic, fast-paced nature of filmmaking, it is essential that all parties are unified from the start in terms of mission and communication standards.

Our Specialty Workshop ensures that all department heads are first united in their creative vision, fully embody the story being told, cultivate conscious listening, and prevent abuse stemming from power imbalances.

Change starts from within. We can lead the fray.