“Melissa and Tanny executed an insightful, proactive, and empowering workshop that spoke directly to our Learning & Development Workshop desires here at The Riveter. We had an influx of members interested and so happy with the outcome — was a great experience!”
— Madelyn Shaughnessy, The Riveter

Our Happy Clients


“Melissa and Tanny make a great team and each brought something unique and important to the workshop. I came in expecting one thing, but was blown away with the actual workshop, the scope of the session, and the intimacy of the experience. Highly recommend!”

-Christopher C Ciani, Park Law Corp

This seminar was so necessary. It helped me understand that the fear of public speaking is very common and that everyone has their own insecurities that usually manifest without the proper tools, education and practice. Melissa & Tanny taught me how to be mindful of all this and to not fight these fears and insecurities, but rather to embrace and cultivate them to something useful and powerful.”

-Stephanie Yun, Park Law Corp

I obtained a lot of helpful and useful knowledge that will guide me to solve problems or situations I’ll meet with at work or in life. I was able to learn how to deal wit my own emotion - recognize it and accept it. I was also able to learn skills in public speaking. Will definitely try a second time if there is an opportunity!

-Wei Cai, Park Law Corp.


“Melissa and Tanny helped me see the value of mindfulness & the practice of centering myself before presenting. I went in there not knowing what to expect or what I would learn - but I was pleasantly surprised. The skills that they presented will be valuable to my business as well as my personal life. Thank you!”

-Joe Gillette, Wonderment Apps


”Melissa dealt with every single student as an individual and they improved in front of my very eyes. I am thrilled and I’m going to be inviting Melissa back every year hereafter…”

-Prof. Larraine Segil, Southwestern School of Law

“Melissa has an ability to get to the heart of any project/presentation. Her approach really encourages you to be with your communication partner(s) whether that be an audience or a group of investors. And she’s unafraid to call you out if you aren’t being truthful— she has great instincts for that.”

-Vince Yap, Individual Client

“I’ve always felt very intimidated by the idea of meditating and honestly did not know how or where to really start. When I met Tanny, I was at a place in my life when I knew I needed to clear out all of the noise in my head in order to move forward in a lot of ways. She made the process simple and powerful, without all of the external products often associated with meditation. Over time, I grew stronger and my goals became more clear. The skills she has taught me will remain with me throughout my life.”

-Stacy Plance, Individual Client

“..Tanny taught me how valuable creating a few peaceful minutes for yourself can really be. I had never meditated before and was a little hesitant. In that 15 minutes a day I was able to clear my mind and alleviate so much stress. I felt much more comfortable in my work environment and confidant in my daily decisions. Tanny truly has a soothing way about her. She understands that people need an outlet from their day to day, busy lives and she wants to help where she can.”

-Angelina Barragan